BoD–Open Meeting February 11, 2021

Montana Estates Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting – Open Session
February 11, 2021

The MECA board meeting was called to order by Cindy Gathe at 1:12 pm.
Quorum: Cindy Gathe, Bob Van Doren, Ron Sabin, Veronica Del Rio, Deborah Balzano
Also in attendance were Grant Stevens and Rosana Vicente, candidates for the MECA Board of Directors.  Sue E-Manuel and Pilar Wienke, also candidates were unable to attend.

Ron made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 20, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes, and Veronica seconded the motion.

Financials:  Deborah went over the 2020 November and December financial statements with November financials.  However, Cindy wanted clarification regarding Aged Owner Balance for Gamez showing a $73.00 balance for November. There was also a $216.00 credit for December’s Net Income/Loss while Total Expenses show we were on budget, so the December statement budget was not approved until our next meeting.
Notices will be sent to owners who have not paid their 2021 Dues.
The board Agreed to hold off paying Jonny’s Landscaping for the Dec/Jan/Feb billing. We are also looking into perhaps not using Jonny’s and getting a bid from Hometown Landscaping, and clarification for work to be performed from Ray’s Hacienda.

New Business:  Some bench slats are in need of repair, so Bob Van Doren, Leo Gathe and Ron Sabin plan to replace and to Thompson seal the benches.  They will also repair the gate at the tennis court.
Ballots for the Board of Director’s will be sent after March.
All were in agreement that Deborah Balzano’s name now needs to be on the Bank Signature Card in place of Bob Balzano’s passing.

Agenda for Next Meeting:  Replace flag or leave as is. Contact America Legion to ask where they purchase their flags, and cost.

Adjournment:  Cindy adjourned the Meeting at 2:08.  The next meeting will be held March 18th.  Place and Time to be determined at a later time.

Minutes Submitted by:  Veronica Del Rio

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