BoD–Open Meeting March 18, 2021

Montana Estates Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting – Open Session
March 18, 2021

The MECA board meeting was called to order by Cindy Gathe at 1:01 pm
Quorum: Cindy Gathe, Bob Van Doren, Ron Sabin, Veronica Del Rio, Deborah Balzano (Management)
Also in attendance were Grant Stevens and Pilar Wienke, candidates for the MECA Board of Directors.

All were in agreement to approve the February 11, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes.

Administration: There will be two board seats that expire in 2021. Ron and Veronica have decided to leave as members of the board, so Deb will send Nomination forms to owners.  The annual election/meeting will be held sometime during the summer.

Financials:  The December and January minutes have been clarified and unanimously approved, as were the February financials.

Old Business:  The Board has an ongoing discussion on whether we keep Jonny’s Landscaping or try some other vice.  A message was left for Hometown Landscaping, and they have not yet returned the call.  Not sure if Ray at Hacienda Landscape is still interested in working for us because he may be selling the company.  Grant suggested if we keep Jonny’s we ask for the workers we know perform their job well and not the kids they’ve assigned us.
The flag at the entrance was purchased last year and we’re not sure whether to replace it or leave it up for another year.  Discussion was to contact The American Legion to ask about where they purchase their flags and what type of material lasts longer.  Grant volunteered to ask his neighbor about his flag.
The board agreed to increase the key deposit for the RV area to $100.00 and set a limit for vehicles parking in the RV area to a maximum of 29 feet. Deb will send a letter to owners of the changes and add an Addendum to the CCRs.

New Business:  Barb brought up the fact that there are about 20 dead trees along the gully that need clearing between Montana Estates and The Terraces; and possibly split the cost with The Terraces. Barb or Kathy will contact Jonny’s to ask for a bid.
Maintenance for the Tennis and Volleyball nets are in need of repair, as are the plastic borders that hold the sand in around the Volleyball Court.

Adjournment:  Cindy adjourned the Meeting at 2:15. The next meeting will be held at 1pm, May 27th  at Cindy’s backyard.

Minutes Submitted by:  Veronica Del Rio

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