BoD–Open Meeting May 27, 2021

Montana Estates Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting – Open Session
May 27, 2021

The MECA board meeting was called to order by Cindy Gathe at 10:05 am.
Quorum: Cindy Gathe, Bob Van Doren, Ron Sabin, Veronica Del Rio,
Deborah Balzano (Management)
Also in attendance were Grant Stevens & Roseanne Vicente, candidates for the MECA Board of Directors.

Ron made a motion to approve the March 18, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes.  Bob seconded the motion.
The results of the election were discussed and the Grant Stephens was seated for a two year term and Roseanne to one year.

Financials:  Deborah presented the March and April financials.  Grant made a motion to approve the financials as presented, Veronica seconded the motion.

Old Business:  Landscaping was discussed and the general consensus was that Jonny’s isn’t doing a great job and the Association will continue to look for a new landscaper.  Roseanne will provide a name of a landscaper that she has previously used.

New Business:  Grant made a motion to approve the purchase of two 6 x 10 flags from the American Legion.  One flag will be installed, and the other put in storage until needed.  Bob seconded the motion.
Tree removal between Montana Terraces and Montana Estates was discussed.  Jonny’s provided a bid for $4200.00 and Morgan Tree Services provided a bid for $2600.00 to take the trees down, remove from the property.  Grant made a motion to approve the bid from Morgan’s, and the invoice will be split equally between Montana Estates and Montana Terraces.  Morgan will also remove the two dead trees behind the Hayes property at a cost of $150.00 each.  This additional cost will be paid by Montana Estates and not included with the $2600.00 bid.
Outstanding fees due to DHB Management were discussed.  Cindy made a motion that DHB Management will be reimbursed for their outstanding collection fees and once the fees are collected by the HOA they will be retained Montana Estates.  Grant seconded the motion.
Deborah mentioned to Barb that there was a dead tree in the common area at Montana Terraces that needs removal.

Adjournment:  Cindy adjourned the Meeting at 10:58 am.
The next meeting will be held at 10:00 on June 24th at Bob Van Doren’s house.

Minutes Submitted by:  Deborah Balzano

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