BoD Meeting January 9, 2020

January 9, 2020

Meeting: opened at 1:50
Quorum: established, Barbara Hein absent

Minutes: November 2019 minutes corrected: Steve was absent; tree was trimmed; RV rental is $216/year. After corrections, minutes approved.

DHB Report:
Financial: As of 12/31/2019, total bank accounts were $190,184.34, without OneAZ current interest. Income/expenses show extra management time due to mailing. DHB will verify landscaping charges for November & December – should show only one service/month. The 2020 proposed budget was presented; it shows a proposed $8090 deficit. If this comes true, money would be taken from savings account at Bank of America.
Management: There are 2 open, and 2 cancelled escrow. Intents to lien and liens were applied, so collections are up. Due to a property inspection, some landscaping violations were sent out. Ramada panels were repaired per November discussion. Re-mailing were sent out to non-returned instrument households. Annual MECA meeting is 1/25/20, after Villas meeting.
Proposal of 12/02/19 from Jonny’s Tree for replanting front entrance was rejected by unanimous vote.

Old Business: Many topics covered in management report.

New Business: In order to effect a more balanced 2020 budget, It was voted and approved to alter $800 transfer from B of A to OneAZ down to $600/month. Judy/Cindy to authorize this change at OneAZ

Adjournment: 3:10 pm.
Next Meeting: February 20, 2020, Ron’s, 3031 Tablelands.

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